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What does YOUTH MINISTRY look like?

You! Youth Ministry is nothing more than highschoolers just like you gathering together to engage their minds and hearts with God through fellowship and discussion. We ask the Holy Spirit to be present with us and guide us, but it starts with simply gathering as a group of every day people! 

Each week we . . .

Youth Ministry begins with time for community. Asking "what are your highs . . . lows . . . how are you on the discipleship scale" to create friendship and support!

check in

tap in

we look at scripture and the incredible lives of the Saints in our Church and tap into their models of holiness for us. 


of course... we have fun! We spend some time each week just letting loose together. 

dig deep

Most importantly, we
engage in meaningful
discussions of faith! Digging
into the weekly Gospel, creating
topics of discussion together, listening to meaningful lessons, and spending time in prayer together. Each week offers a different combination of meaningful encounter with the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Guided by the light of the Gospel, openness to the Spirit and discussion, and Church doctrine, we hope to form lifelong Catholics who
share the joy of the faith
will all people. 

newcomers are welcome anytime


Every month, typically on the last Sunday of the month, we host PPT Night. This fun routine gives everyone a chance to be involved and have a little fun with their faith! 

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