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Do you want to live life 

to its fullest?

We believe that in Christ, we find the fullness of life. With this in mind, the mission of our youth ministry is simple: to present young people with the good news of Jesus Christ, and invite and challenge them to become his disciples. In our youth ministry our youth are given the tools to encounter the Risen Lord, and the encouragement to follow in his ways.

What does Youth Ministry

look like?

Not only do we engage our minds, but also, we open our hearts to the work God has been, and is currently doing in our Church, and we ask the Holy Spirit to inspire in us a realization of how we are to be co-workers in the Lord’s Church.

Each week we...

Youth Ministry begins with time for community. Asking "what are your highs... lows... how are you on the discipleship scale" creates friendship and support!


Next we look at the incredible 

lives of the Saints in our Church

to be a model of holiness for 



Of course... we have fun!

But most importantly, we reflect

on the Gospel each week and 

ask how the Lord is calling us

to life. Guided by the light of 

the Gospel, we hope to form

lifelong Catholics who share

the joy of the Gospel will all 


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