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Join us on Saturday mornings at 8:30 in the Divine Artworks Center for 90 minutes of fellowship, Scripture study, faith sharing, prayer and a cup or two of coffee. Join us as we seek God’s direction for our lives and seek to know His will for us. We are committed men who recognize our need for each other and for God’s help. We gather in Christ’s presence in an atmosphere of trust, equality and anonymity to share personal feelings and experiences. We unconditionally accept one another and prayerfully support one another.  We welcome all as our brothers regardless of denomination or how far you are on your faith journey. So bring your hunger for God and join us as we prepare for eternity. “Come and see” John 1:46

Contact: Gerry Baldonieri, Email:, Text: 724-396-3575

Christian Rosary Beads

The Rosary Society seeks to enhance the spiritual welfare of the women of the parish through special devotion to the Blessed Mother. Members are invited to pray the Rosary, 1) at funeral visitations for partner parish members, and 2) on Wednesday evenings during the months of May & October. This organization of ladies also hosts several fundraisers throughout the year to help provide items for the church such as altar cloths, candles, hosts, flowers, vestments, and any other requests made by the Pastor. The Rosary Society offers the ideal blend of spiritual and social enrichment for our members as well as our parish! Monthly meetings are most typically held on the 1st Monday of the month, but watch the Parish Bulletin for meeting notices and activity announcements!

New members always welcome! Reach out for more info or come to one of our meetings

Contact: Sue Bainbridge | email: | call: 724 691 7697

Mom's Ministry is dedicated to fellowship and mutual support for mothers within the parish community. Geared toward new and experienced mothers alike who need friendship and support through motherhood. Open to membership for other young women who are seeking or open to motherhood soon! Additionally, mutually important is spiritual opportunities friendly and accommodating to woman that bring kids with them.

Bible Lessons


Twice a week, Women's Scripture Sharing meets to engage with Christ through the Word via the unique approach and experience as women.

For more information, contact Peg Mulcahy via email at

Bible Lesson

Following Christ takes more than simply believing in him or doing what he asks of us. Jesus wants you to be more than just a believer— he wants you to be his disciple and friend. Once a year we find a new way to engage with Christ through pointed Bible Studies that reveal Christ in his life, in the Church he instituted, or the many ways his coming was prepared for and prophesied in the history of the Chosen People. Watch the bulletin for information when ministry meets!

Questions about any ministries? Contact Caroline Massetto at

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