The Latin Mass at Holy Family

The Traditional Latin Mass at Holy Family Catholic Church in Latrobe, PA is celebrated every Sunday at 1 PM (High Masses 2nd and 4th Sundays). It is celebrated in complete accordance with the directives issued by Pope Benedict XVI on July 7, 2007 in the document Summorum Pontificum. Mass in the extraordinary form was first celebrated at Holy Family Catholic Church on the first Sunday of Lent, 2013.


Welcome to the Traditional Latin Mass, we invite you to enter into a form of worship that has been celebrated in the Roman Catholic Church for 1500 years. You will pray the same Mass that countless Saints and Martyrs have prayed, and which they found to be an inestimable source of holiness and peace. We welcome you to this ancient, sacred, and majestic liturgy.

Latin is the official language of the Church, and has been used in the liturgy since at least the 3rd century. At Vatican II, the Church declared that the use of Latin was to be preserved in the Mass. Why? First, it highlights the sacred nature of the Mass when we use a special language in the sanctuary, rather that the common tongue of society and the marketplace. Second, it ensures that the prayers of the Mass are safeguarded for all time when they are recited in Latin, a “dead” language whose words never change in meaning. Third, it fosters a unity of belief among Catholics everywhere when a single language is used to celebrate the Mass, crossing nations and nationalities. Fourth, it allows us to pray as our forefathers have prayed, forming a continuum of prayer from generation to generation.

The best way for you to follow along with the Mass is to use the Red Missalettes provided at each entrance of the church. All the prayers are given in Latin and English. You’ll find that the prayers themselves are beautifully composed—they lift the heart and mind to God. As you are becoming familiar with the Mass, instead of reading every prayer, you may find it easier to simply watch, listen, and unite yourself interiorly to the actions of the priest at the altar.

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