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About Our Church

Formed in 1856, Holy Family Catholic Church is a historic and vibrant parish located in the heart of Latrobe, Pennsylvania. Since the first decade of Latrobe’s existence, Holy Family has been an iconic center of faith serving the entire community at the direction of the Gospel.​

Inspired and sustained by the wisdom and foresight of our founders, Holy Family has remained a strong pillar of our community for the past 160 years. Today, Holy Family is still a vibrant and growing Church, which seeks to bring the Gospel message to members of our community every day, following the signs of the times, and, most importantly, the direction of the Holy Spirit.


Whether it is for a day or for a lifetime, we invite you to join our sacramental community as we grow in faith and fellowship, seeking greater discipleship with our Lord, Jesus Christ. Our doors are open to everyone, and we encourage you, whether you are seeking a deeper relationship with God or are curious and interested in learning more about the Catholic faith, to join us for the Holy sacrifice of the Mass, where we celebrate the joy and awe of the Eucharist in community with one another. You are also invited to join us in silent prayer at our adoration chapel. 

Here at Holy Family, we have a vision for the future. We imagine the vibrant community that flourishes around our parish. We see our Church becoming a community of friends. We see parishioners joyfully sharing the Gospel with friends and family. We see our community being enriched by the Gospel as people return to the Church, discover faith for the first time, and form or reform homes rooted in the Gospel values. We see a community inspired by a renewed faith coming to our parish for rich and ongoing Sacramental formation.


Wherever you are in your faith journey, all are welcome here at Holy Family. We are one body united in Christ, who calls us by name to help him spread His message of truth and love.

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