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The Way We Were

Please scroll down to see a series of historical Holy Family Parish photographs beginning in the 1900's

Ligonier Street Church 1907

Exterior Holmsburg Granite - Roof Green Slate - Architect: John T . Comes - Style: Modern English Gothic - Cornerstone: October 9, 1905 - 4,000 people attended dedication

Holy Family 1907 Interior

Ceiling: Wood Panel - Columns and Arches: Dressed Indiana Limestone - Altars: Best Carara Marble imported from Italy - Floors: Wainscot Marble - Columns and Arches: Dressed Indiana Limestone

Church 1950

Holy Family 1950

Ligonier St Chruch 100th Yr. 1956

1957 Census: 1,800 families - English Gothic architectual design - Exterior: Holmsburg granite trimmed in Indiana Lime Stone - Roof: unfading green slate copper - Floors: two shades of marble in aisles, baptistery, side altars, and sanctuary Columns and Arches: dressed in Indiana lime stone

St. Josephs Altar

St. Josephs Altar


Interior of Holy Family Parish circa 1957

Holy Family 1957

Detail of interior

Current Altar
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