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The Way We Were

Please scroll down to see a series of historical Holy Family Parish photographs.  Place your pointer over the image (mouse over) to read about our history begining in the early 1900's.

Ligonier Street Church 1907

Exterior Holmsburg Granite - Roof Green Slate - Architect: John T . Comes - Style: Modern English Gothic - Cornerstone: October 9, 1905 - 4,000 people attended dedication

Holy Family 1907 Interior

Ceiling: Wood Panel - Columns and Arches: Dressed Indiana Limestone - Altars: Best Carara Marble imported from Italy - Floors: Wainscot Marble - Columns and Arches: Dressed Indiana Limestone

Church 1950

Holy Family 1950

Ligonier St Chruch 100th Yr. 1956

1957 Census: 1,800 families - English Gothic architectual design - Exterior: Holmsburg granite trimmed in Indiana Lime Stone - Roof: unfading green slate copper - Floors: two shades of marble in aisles, baptistery, side altars, and sanctuary Columns and Arches: dressed in Indiana lime stone

St. Josephs Altar

St. Josephs Altar


Interior of Holy Family Parish circa 1957

Holy Family 1957

Detail of interior

Current Altar
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