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Eucharistic Revival

            . . . is a three-year process initiated by the USCCB to invite the faithful to reflect upon the mystery and meaning of the sacrament of the Eucharist in our lives. While much of year one involves providing devotional and formational opportunities for parish and Diocesan staff, you, too, can be a part of Eucharistic Revival right now! Visit the Diocese of Greensburg Facebook page every Thursday to participate in a Faithful Challenge, and hopefully you will feel yourself growing in a relationship with Christ.

Visit the Eucharistic Revival resource page at for videos, prayers and gathering dates. Consider Bishop Kulick’s invitation to become an intentional disciple this year!




Don't take a vacation from your faith! Attend a Mass while you travel or attend a Mass in a different community for a new faith experience. Every time you attend Mass somewhere, send the diocese and Holy Family a photo ( and ( and post on social media with the hashtag #MassOnVacation


Monthly Reflection

Each month over the next three years of Eucharistic Revival, the Diocese of Greensburg and Bishop Kulick will be focusing our spiritual and tangible efforts with pointed themes.

July's Faithful Challenge is to attend Mass while you are on vacation. Our broad church allows different forms of music and culture, so don’t hesitate to attend a Mass at parish near your vacation spot. You will recognize what is happening right away because every single Mass is the celebration and memorial of the Lord’s suffering, death and resurrection,

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