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Why praying to the Blessed Virgin Mary leads us to Jesus

Praying to the Blessed Virgin Mary holds a unique significance within the Catholic faith, as it is believed to be a profound pathway to drawing closer to Jesus Christ. This devotion to Mary is not meant to divert attention away from Christ, but rather to enhance our relationship with Him. Through Mary, Catholics find a beautiful and powerful conduit that leads them to a deeper understanding and connection with Jesus.

Mary, as the mother of Jesus, occupies a singular role in salvation history. Her "yes" to God's plan marked the beginning of Christ's earthly journey, making her an essential figure in the life of Jesus. When we pray to Mary, we recognize her close relationship with Jesus and her intimate knowledge of His heart and mission. As a loving mother, Mary desires nothing more than to guide us to her Son and help us encounter His transforming love.

In praying to Mary, we are not seeking an alternative path to salvation, but rather asking for her intercession and guidance. Just as we might ask a friend or family member to pray for us, Catholics believe that Mary, as a beloved member of the Church triumphant, continues to intercede on our behalf before her Son. Through this intercession, we believe that she amplifies our prayers, presenting them to Jesus with the utmost love and care.

Furthermore, the example of Mary's faith, humility, and obedience serves as a model for all Christians. When we contemplate her life, we are inspired to imitate her virtues and align our hearts more closely with the teachings of Jesus. Mary's unswerving trust in God's plan, even in the face of uncertainty, reminds us to surrender ourselves fully to Christ's will.

In the Gospel of John, at the wedding feast of Cana, Mary's words to the servants—"Do whatever he tells you"—underscore her role as a mediator who directs us toward Jesus. This simple yet profound instruction encapsulates the essence of why praying to Mary leads us to her Son. By heeding her guidance, we are prompted to follow Christ's teachings and commands more closely, deepening our relationship with Him.

Ultimately, the devotion to Mary complements and enriches our relationship with Jesus. She is a beacon of love, compassion, and faithfulness, leading us toward the One who is the source of all these virtues. Praying to Mary nurtures our spiritual journey by helping us recognize the pivotal role she played in God's plan for salvation. Through her maternal care, intercession, and example, we are drawn ever closer to the heart of Jesus Christ, our Savior and Redeemer.


Deacon Mike


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