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What Will You Be Remembered For?

It is said that wisdom comes from age. For the most part, I have to agree with that statement. As I reflect on my life, where I have been, what is going on now, and what will come, I wonder what people will remember about me when I am gone.

When we are really young, we tried to learn as much as possible. We were taught to reach for the stars and that nothing was impossible if you worked hard. I think we all have heard these statements and tried to incorporate them in to our lives. We try to be ambitious and get what we want, sometimes stepping over others to do it. Perhaps we don’t do it in mean ways or maybe we do. We want to make a name for ourselves. We want people to remember us and how smart we are. We want people to know who we are when we walk in a room. It is drilled into our heads and we think it’s ok. All we know, is that we want a fantastic job with great money and to never have a care in the world. At least this is our hope.

What really happens is not always what we have hoped for. Maybe we have gotten everything we wanted or perhaps we just have a job and roof over our heads. You see it will never be how much you made or the house you owned or how well you dressed that will define you and be remember for. No, what you will be remembered for is the love and compassioned you showed to all people.

It is funny I have seen a very rich man walk up to a homeless person and toss them some money and walk away, and I have seen a person that may only have enough money for themselves, buy them a lunch, talk to them and show them kindness. Now let me ask you, what would you remember more from those two situations. I know for me it has always been the person who really shows love and caring. People live their lives in hopes to be great but fail to see greatness comes in giving hope. When you give people hope, love, and compassion you are truly becoming a great person. You start to become a Saint. See it is funny how the mind works. The mind is such a complex thing. We solve things, it allows us to do and remember things but amazingly when someone does an act of kindness the brain engraves that in. We remember it for years if not for a life time.

Love, kindness, compassion, and complete self-giving is what people will remember. Why? Because people want to be loved, they want kindness, they need compassion, and for someone to be a giving person. Everything else is nice and a blessing but the true blessing will be when you pass from this earth and people talking about how kind, loving, and compassionate you were.

So who did I describe in the above reflection? Our Lord. We would not be here if it wasn’t for Him. We exist because of Him the Church exists because of Him. He shows us kindness, love, compassion, and mercy more than we can ever imagine.

So as you reflect on your own life ask yourself what do you want to be remembered for. Now from this day forward be that person and I hope you choose love, compassion, and hope.


Deacon Mike


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