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Twas the Night Before Christmas...viewed a little differently....

Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the stable, Not a creature was stirring, not even a table. The manger was set, a cradle with care, In hopes that the Savior soon would be there.


The shepherds were nestled, their sheep close at hand, With visions of angels and a wondrous command. Mary in her quiet reflection, and Joseph with pride, Welcomed the   miracle, where God’s love would abide.


When out in the heavens, a brilliant star’s light, Guided the Wise Men through the calm, silent night. To witness the infant, so tender and mild, The Holy Child, the pure and undefiled.


Away in the heavens, the angels proclaimed, A message of joy, in glory unclaimed. “Glory to God!” their chorus did ring, “Hail to the newborn, our Savior and King!”


The shepherds, amazed, hastened to see, The babe wrapped in swaddling, in humble decree. In reverence, they knelt, with hearts full of grace, Witnessing God’s presence in that sacred space.


So here on this night, our hearts do recall, The gift of Baby Jesus, born to save all. May the love of that manger, so   tender and sweet, Fill your Christmas with joy, and make it complete.


May your Christmas season and all seasons be filled with Joy, Peace, and Love. Merry Christmas!



Deacon Mike


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