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The Soul's Purity to Advent

In the glow of Advent, the third week emerges with the rose-colored candle, symbolizing joy in the midst of anticipation. This Gaudete Sunday prompts a reflective exploration of the purity of our souls as we await the birth of Christ, inviting Catholics to consider the radiance of our inner selves in the light of this season.


The theme of purity is interwoven with the Advent narrative, aligning with the biblical call to prepare the way for the Lord. As the prophets of old spoke of cleansing and purification, the third week of Advent beckons us to examine the purity of our souls. In this context, purity extends beyond the mere absence of sin; it embraces a transformative process that purifies our intentions, thoughts, and actions.


The rose-colored candle, illuminating the Advent wreath, signifies the joy that springs from a pure soul. This joy is not contingent on external circumstances but emanates from the clarity and authenticity found within. As we anticipate the arrival of Christ, this inner purity becomes a radiant beacon, drawing us closer to the profound joy that comes from being in communion with God.


The Gospel readings during the third week often highlight the figure of John the Baptist, proclaiming a baptism of repentance for the forgiveness of sins. John’s message resonates with the Advent call to examine and purify our hearts. The baptismal waters symbolize a cleansing that goes beyond the physical, reaching into the depths of the soul. This purification, echoing in the wilderness where John preached, becomes a spiritual journey toward a more profound connection with God.


The journey toward the purity of our souls is not devoid of challenges. The penitential nature of Advent, mirrored in the purple candles, reminds us of the need for self-examination and repentance. It prompts Catholics to acknowledge areas of spiritual clutter, inviting God’s grace to cleanse and renew the inner sanctuary of the soul.


The Advent season, with its focus on waiting and preparation, encourages believers to assess the state of their souls in light of Christ’s imminent arrival. The call to purity is a call to simplicity and authenticity, stripping away the layers of worldly distractions that often cloud our spiritual vision. In this process, the joy of anticipation is amplified, for a pure soul is more receptive to the transformative grace that Christ brings.


As Catholics await the celebration of the Nativity, the third week of Advent serves as a poignant reminder that the joy we seek is intricately linked to the purity of our souls. It beckons believers to embrace the journey of purification with humility and hope, recognizing that the radiant joy of Gaudete Sunday finds its fullest expression in hearts made pure by the transformative love of Christ.



Deacon Mike


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