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Starving for Him

A few years back, there were images on the web of Pope Francis kissing the disfigured face of a man in St. Peter’s Square. I found the photos moving and compassionate. I was slightly jealous of this man. Oh, to be in his place --to be able to be near our Pope listening to him, sitting next to him, touching him. Now, that would be a life-changing moment. I’m sure the man afflicted with neurofibromatosis would gladly swap places with me. He’d be quite content to be healthy, with no painful tumors, and leading a “normal” life.

Then I thought about it…I AM near Him. At all times and at all moments, I have the ability to speak to the Lord and tell Him my concerns and worries and prayers. I don’t have visible tumors or scars or lesions but my sins are there just the same. That is what I need His help for – I need Him to help me be healed, be cleansed, be a better person.

I have always been fascinated by the thought of being held in the arms of the Lord. Something about Pope Francis has brought this up for me again. He is affectionate and loving and charitable. He’s not afraid to show the love of Christ, the mercy of Jesus, the generosity of God. He’s a very pastoral leader of our Church. I am so thankful that he was named our Pope.

As a follower of Christ, it is up to me to do the same as Pope Francis. I should be touching those who need a warm embrace and hugging those who need an understanding connection. I am so fortunate that I am blessed with family and friends who love me and tell me so, often.

There are many people, right around us, that aren’t that lucky. They are starving for a kind word, or a smile, or an invitation to join us at church. So here’s my challenge to you…Be – Jesus – Today! Seek out one person who is hungry for God and be the friend who offers them Him.

Wouldn’t it be astonishing if our churches were full this weekend because we each took our call to be like Christ seriously; we each sought a lonely soul and welcomed them to worship; we each opened our arms and closed our eyes…

Let me know friends… Did you invite someone to Mass?

May God bless you on your journey of faith!

Maryrose Orange


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