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Starving for Heaven Every Day

Indeed, every day, Catholics are encouraged to cultivate a hunger and longing for Heaven. This spiritual appetite serves as a constant reminder of their ultimate destination and purpose in life.

The idea of “starving for Heaven every day” emphasizes the importance of daily spiritual nourishment. It reflects the belief that the desire for Heaven should not be a passive or occasional sentiment but an active, daily pursuit. Just as one needs daily sustenance for the body, Catholics are taught to seek daily sustenance for the soul through prayer, reflection, and acts of love and kindness.

Daily prayer is a cornerstone of this hunger for Heaven. By setting aside time each day to communicate with God, Catholics strengthen their relationship with Him and reaffirm their desire for a deeper union in the afterlife. In prayer, they express their yearning for Heaven, seeking guidance, grace, and the strength to live virtuous lives.

Additionally, Catholics engage in daily acts of love and charity, echoing the teachings of Jesus to love their neighbors as themselves. This is seen as a practical expression of their desire for Heaven. By demonstrating love and kindness to others, they not only follow Christ’s example but also prepare themselves for the heavenly community where love reigns supreme.

The hunger for Heaven also implies a detachment from worldly distractions and temptations that might divert one from their ultimate goal. This detachment is not a rejection of the world but rather a prioritization of eternal values over temporary pleasures. By daily choosing to focus on the eternal, Catholics strengthen their resolve to follow the path that leads to Heaven.

Moreover, the hunger for Heaven encourages Catholics to reflect on their lives regularly. They examine their actions, seek forgiveness for their sins, and strive for personal growth and spiritual development. This introspection serves as a compass, guiding them toward the Heavenly destination they long for.

In the end, “starving for Heaven every day” is a powerful metaphor that encapsulates the idea that the desire for Heaven should be an ever-present, driving force in a Catholic’s life. It's a call to embrace the Christian journey with a fervent and unrelenting pursuit of eternal communion with God, recognizing that this daily hunger and yearning shapes their character, choices, and ultimately, their destiny.


Deacon Mike


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