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Live On Mission

A few days ago listening to Fr. Mike Schmitz Catechism in a year he talked about “Live on Mission.” His point was to focus on what Jesus wants us to do every day. If we don’t and we “live off Mission” then we will go astray and that is when our path becomes very cloudy.

There is an old Latin term ‘Missio Dei’ which means the “Mission of God” or the “Sending of God”— It refers to God’s great mission to restore humanity to Himself (by sending Jesus) and His call to us, His Church to take part in the mission. It is a mission that has been at play for thousands of years and still continues today.

Jesus is key to this mission. It’s through Him we are granted access to take part in this. Jesus not only made a way for us to be reunited in relationship to the Father, but to also be an example of what life on mission would look like.

The “Great Commission” given in Matthew 28:18-20, is our call and exhortation from Jesus. This being that, “all authority has been given for you to go and make disciples teaching people to obey everything that Jesus has commanded you to do.”

This isn’t just a call for some, it’s a personal command for all of us as followers of Jesus. This can seem like a heavy task, and in some respects, it is, but we are never called to do this alone. Quite simply put, it’s living as a Christ follower everywhere you go, and opening your mouth to tell people about the hope that you have. Everywhere means not just some parts of your life but every part. That’s why it’s super important to know God for yourself. When you know someone, you understand their ways, their character, and you have an intimate and close friendship with them. You want to spend time with them and do life with them.

Sometimes life on mission looks grand and other days it looks grubby. Some days it is done with others and some days it is done alone, but it is never done without the Holy Spirit. He is center to the strategy. In fact, it is our obedience to His prompting and guiding that ensures we are “mission-effective.”

Life on mission isn’t a task, rather it’s a lifestyle and a commitment we embrace when we accept Jesus. Accepting Jesus is accepting the mission. We are given both identity and purpose when we accept Jesus. We are called according to His purpose and mission. If you have ever questioned what your purpose is, look to Jesus. He has already shown you. You are called to join God in His great mission of restoring humanity to Himself. The question is, are you being effective in your mission and obeying?

Like Fr. Mike said, “Live on Mission!” otherwise the path becomes very difficult.


Deacon Mike


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