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Lenten Reflection

Lenten Reflection...... Are we deaf to the Lord? As I was reading Mark (7:31-37) this morning it spoke about Jesus healing a deaf Man. If you are familiar with the story Jesus pulls the Man aside and put his fingers in the man’s ears and spitting on his tongue looks up to heaven and says.... Ephphatha! (which means be open). How open are our ears to God? We may not have the physical issue with our ears and tongue but none the less are we not listening or speaking of Jesus? Do we hide behind society and just not speak or listen because you don't want to be labeled? Opening our ears to what Jesus is saying is as simple as listening to the Gospel at Mass or services and then acting on the meaning of it. Our lives believe it or not are so much more than you think. We are part of His life. He created us. He wants to show you how your life is just as important to Him as the Mother Teresa's of the world. But I think we have to start with a kind of a presupposition. Right, you and I, we have to agree about something first. And that is that God is speaking to us. That God is still speaking to us and that you can hear Him. Do you believe that? That God is still speaking and that you can hear Him. Now, I want to share with you that I came to that conclusion, that belief, because Jesus Himself said it in scripture. In the gospel of John 10:27, Jesus said, “My sheep hear my voice, I know them, and they follow me.” “My sheep hear my voice.” “My sheep hear my voice.” That means, that we have the ability to hear Him. And how can we hear Him? Why do we hear Him? Because He is still speaking. Hearing God’s voice is a part of the deal. It’s a part of your inheritance, your right. As a Catholic Christian is to hear God’s voice. We all matter to God. Each one of us are a brilliant part of His kingdom. All we have to do is open our ears to His word. If you have been deaf to His words ask Him to stick His fingers in your ears and touch your tongue. Allow Him to open them up. Listen to Him, allow Him to speak to your heart. Take the step this Lent and say Lord open my ears, touch my tongue, and open my heart to your will. I want to know you and the plans you have for me. Even if I am afraid of what you have in store for me give me the strength to hear you and to do your will. Small steps my friends, that is all God is looking for.


Deacon Mike


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