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How Serious Are We?

In our faith, the question resonates: Are we truly serious about Jesus, and if so, how do we deepen our commitment to doing His will?


Being serious about Jesus is not a passive sentiment; it’s an active, transformative commitment that permeates every aspect of our lives. It begins with an honest examination of our faith, challenging ourselves to move beyond mere rituals and embrace a living with Christ. The Gospel calls us to more than lip service; it beckons us to a genuine, wholehearted surrender to the will of Jesus.


To become more serious about doing the will of Jesus, prayer becomes our compass. Genuine communication with God opens a sacred space for reflection, repentance, and seeking divine guidance. Through prayer, we align our desires with God’s will, inviting Him to shape our intentions and actions. Jesus Himself sought solitude in prayer, emphasizing its pivotal role in nurturing a profound connection with the Father.


Seriousness about Jesus intertwines with a commitment to embodying His teachings in our daily lives. It extends beyond the church walls into our homes, workplaces, and communities. Jesus calls us to love our neighbors, practice forgiveness, and extend compassion. Being serious about Jesus means actively seeking opportunities to be His hands and feet in the world, championing justice, mercy, and humility.


The Word of God becomes our guiding light. Regular engagement with Scripture opens a channel for divine wisdom to illuminate our understanding and fortify our resolve. The Bible serves as a roadmap, offering timeless truths that guide us in discerning and fulfilling the will of Jesus. The more we immerse ourselves in His Word, the more attuned we   become to His desires for our lives.


Community plays a pivotal role in deepening our seriousness about Jesus. Surrounding ourselves with fellow believers fosters accountability, support, and shared growth. The communal aspect of worship, fellowship, and service enhances our understanding of Jesus' teachings, creating a collective commitment to live according to His will. Together, we strengthen our resolve to be true disciples.


Lastly, the sacraments become tangible encounters with the divine. Regular participation in the Eucharist, reconciliation, and other sacraments provides a transformative rhythm to our faith journey. These sacred moments nourish our souls, fortify our commitment, and deepen our understanding of Jesus' sacrificial love.


Being serious about Jesus is an ongoing journey of intentional faith. It involves a dynamic interplay of prayer, Scripture, community, and sacraments. It’s an active, transformative commitment to living out His teachings in every facet of our lives. As we immerse ourselves in these sacred practices, we cultivate a sincerity that shapes our character and aligns our will with the divine purpose, embodying the essence of true discipleship.



Deacon Mike



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