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Do You Feed Your Soul in the Divine Life?

Question: would starve you your child, spouse, family member, or even a close friend? Of course not! But how often do we starve our soul? Most of the time we do not even consider it or even realize it needs fed just as much as our bodies.

What the soul requires for nourishment is the divine life or what the spiritual masters call “grace.” We just started Advent the beginning of the year for the church and it so happens it is the year of grace. It is of this sustenance that Jesus speaks in John 6: “Do not work for food that perishes but for the food that endures for eternal life.” Most people are at least somewhat aware of the soul and its hunger, but they feed it with insufficient food: wealth, pleasure, power, and honor. All of these are good in themselves, but none of them is designed to satisfy the longing of the soul. And this is precisely why some of the wealthiest, most famous, and accomplished people in our society are dying of spiritual starvation.

We live our lives in hope that one day we will live with Jesus in a place we cannot even imagine the greatness and peacefulness that it will have. We will finally have peace, joy, and the love that all of us seek. We will be with our family members, loved ones, and many friends that we have met through our lives.

So how do we feed ourselves spiritually in the divine life? We hear in scripture how Jesus fed the multitude for their physical and spiritual needs. He asks us to do the same, for ourselves and for everyone we meet. The hunger for God is there - you just need to feed that hunger. Blow the dust off of your bible, pull it out of the closet, or if you don't even have one then buy one. The food that you need is in scripture. It feeds the spirit over and over again. It opens the mouth of your soul and helps it grow. It shapes your body and mind. It is a food that is always good for you. It will even be so abundant you will share this food with everyone you meet.

Secondly, I would suggest, through prayer. The soul wants to pray every day, to speak to God and to listen to him. Spend time before the Blessed Sacrament, confess your sins, pray the rosary to name a few. Its Advent so reflect on where you are going spiritually this year. Above all, go to Mass and receive the Eucharist.

Believe me feeding your soul in the divine life is well worth it. We stuff ourselves with physical food let’s over indulge in the food of the divine life. Let us continue this Advent hungry and an appetite for the divine life.


Deacon Mike


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