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Confirmation the Catalyst to Bringing the Gospel to the World

Bringing the Gospel to the world in a Catholic sense is a profound responsibility and privilege that lies at the heart of the Church's mission. The Gospel, which encapsulates the good news of Jesus Christ, offers hope, salvation, and transformation to all who encounter it. As Catholics, we are called to share this message of love and redemption with others, and the sacrament of confirmation plays a crucial role in equipping and empowering us for this mission.

Confirmation, one of the seven sacraments of the Catholic Church, is a powerful moment of spiritual growth and deepening of faith. Through the anointing with chrism and the laying on of hands by a bishop, the confirmand receives the outpouring of the Holy Spirit, strengthening their bond with Christ and the Church. This sacrament imparts the gifts of the Holy Spirit, such as wisdom, understanding, courage, and fortitude, which enable us to live out our faith authentically and actively proclaim the Gospel.

Confirmation helps us bring the Gospel to the world in several ways. Firstly, it deepens our understanding of the faith and the teachings of the Church. During the preparation process, candidates are often required to engage in catechesis, reflection, and study of Scripture and Church documents. This formation equips us with a solid foundation of knowledge and enables us to articulate and explain the teachings of the Gospel more effectively to others.

Secondly, confirmation empowers us to be witnesses of Christ in the world. The gifts of the Holy Spirit received in this sacrament enable us to live virtuous lives and radiate the love and joy of Christ to those around us. Our transformed lives, characterized by faith, hope, and charity, become a living testimony to the transformative power of the Gospel. Through our words, actions, and example, we can inspire others to seek a deeper relationship with God and discover the truth and beauty of the Catholic faith.

Confirmation instills in us a sense of mission and responsibility to evangelize. The Great Commission given by Jesus to His disciples, to “go and make disciples of all nations” (Matthew 28:19), becomes a personal calling for each confirmed Catholic. We are called to be active participants in the new evangelization, utilizing our unique gifts and talents to bring the Gospel to every corner of the world. Whether it be through engaging in acts of service, participating in missionary work, or engaging in interfaith dialogue, confirmation empowers us to be agents of change and instruments of God's grace.

Bringing the Gospel to the world in a Catholic sense is a lifelong journey that begins with the sacrament of confirmation. Through this sacrament, we are equipped with the gifts of the Holy Spirit, deepened in our understanding of the faith, and empowered to be witnesses and missionaries of Christ's love. Let us embrace this calling with gratitude and zeal, knowing that we have been entrusted with the precious task of sharing the good news of the Gospel with a world in need of hope and salvation, and if we don’t how will the world know the grace and mercy of our God.


Deacon Mike


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