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Come Expected Baby Jesus

In the anticipation of the Advent season, Catholics embark on a spiritual journey of waiting for the arrival of the baby Jesus, embracing the significance of this period as a time of profound reflection and preparation. The act of waiting holds a sacred place in our Catholic life, serving as a transformative and enriching experience that deepens our connection to the core tenets of faith.


Waiting for the baby Jesus in ascent fosters a sense of patience and contemplation, virtues often overshadowed in our fast-paced world. This intentional pause encourages believers to reflect on the profound mystery of the Incarnation, wherein God becomes man. The waiting period becomes a canvas for introspection, prompting Catholics to examine their lives, strengthen their commitment to virtues, and rekindle the flame of faith.


As we wait in anticipation, we are reminded of the longing and hope that characterized the lives of the Old Testament prophets and figures. Their yearning for the promised Messiah mirrors our own anticipation for the birth of Christ. This shared waiting connects us to the historical narrative of salvation, underscoring the continuity of faith across generations and the fulfillment of divine promises.


The ascent of waiting is not a passive exercise but an active engagement with spiritual disciplines. Through prayer, fasting, and acts of charity, Catholics prepare their hearts to receive the newborn King. This deliberate waiting cultivates a sense of readiness and receptivity, creating a sacred space within us for the transformative power of Christ’s love.


In the liturgical context, the Advent season emphasizes the dual nature of waiting – both for the celebration of Christ’s first coming at Christmas and the anticipation of His second coming at the end of time. This cyclical waiting underscores the eternal nature of God’s plan and our perpetual need for spiritual preparation.


The waiting for the baby Jesus in ascent also draws attention to the humility and vulnerability of God choosing to enter the world as a helpless infant. This divine vulnerability challenges believers to embrace humility in their own lives, recognizing that true strength lies in surrendering to God’s will and acknowledging our dependence on Him.


Waiting for the baby Jesus in ascent is a crucial aspect of our Catholic life. It fosters patience, connects us to the rich tapestry of salvation history, and invites us to actively engage in spiritual disciplines. This period of waiting transforms the Advent season into a sacred journey, renewing our faith and preparing our hearts to receive the newborn King with joy and gratitude.


Let’s us draw ourselves to wanting baby Jesus in every part of our lives.



Deacon Mike


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