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A God Moment

Have you ever heard of a God Moment? Maybe someone you know has referred to a, “God Moment?” It can be a special point when it is clear that God has intervened and shown Himself in an exceptional

way. It is important to notice and appreciate these unique flashes and interventions of our Heavenly Father.

When I was taking classes for the diaconate, one of my professors said to me, “Don’t ever expect to see the fruits of your ministry. All Jesus is asking you to do is His will. Don’t ever wish to see it. If you do… consider it a blessing.” I have always taken that to heart in my diaconal role. It is not mine to see but just to do His will. As human beings, we always want to see something achieved. To never witness it? That is a hard thing to accept. For the most part, we gage ourselves by what we do. But in ministry, we should focus on mission, on faith, and the love of the Father.

This past Saturday, I was truly blessed with a God Moment……

I had a baptism scheduled and was preparing everything beforehand. As I was getting things in place, I reflected on what I wanted to say after the Gospel - to the parents, godparents, and the two girls that were about to be brought into God’s kingdom. Their journey was beginning and I wanted to make sure they understood that. Most often, we have infant baptisms, but these girls were a little older and it was nice to be able to speak with them. They were so pretty, dressed in white, hair all done up, and beautiful smiles on their faces.

I walked through the Baptismal Rite with them an extra time, so they wouldn’t be nervous. And…then we began. We started with the Rite of receiving the girls, rolled into the Gospel, the Homily, and the Prayers of the Faithful. Everything went as planned…until we went to the font for the actual baptism.

I started off with a brief reminder of the wonderful plan of God, who will sanctify the human soul and the body through water. The Blessing of Water and the Invocation of God over the water was next. The updated Rite prayer is much longer compared to the old Rite but it is a very moving prayer. At the end of that prayer, the priest or deacon will touch the water with his right hand and say, “May the Holy Spirit, O Lord, we pray, come down through your Son into the fullness of this font, so that all who have been buried with Christ by Baptism into death may rise again to life with him.” It was at that point I looked at the girls. Their faces had changed and it caught me off guard. They had been smiling and trying to pay attention but now…well…it is hard to explain. Their whole demeanor was different. They looked very serious and holy. It was as if the Holy Spirit had actually touched them at that point. Their eyes, for that brief moment, were looking right at the font. They were very intent, as if they heard every word I said of that prayer. I was in awe at that moment. I paused, maybe a minute, and I think everyone thought I lost my place. I was so moved. I did regain my composure and the rest of the baptism went as planned. But that was a powerful moment!

I have been reflecting on this, “God moment.” It couldn’t have come at a better time (Advent). When you read this, we will be starting our second week of Advent. In a world that needs our Lord so much, He often blesses us with little glimpses of His power.

Let us reflect on our lives, especially now in Advent. We are given Hope, that brought the special child, Jesus, to save us. Peace, to know that God’s intentions are so much bigger than we understand. Joy, that His plan is perfect. Love of our God, through his beautiful baby Son, that has covered us all.

I pray, that during this Advent, you will take time to open your heart and really hear the Word of God. I hope, that you will open your eyes and catch a God Moment seeing the beauty of this unfolding season. Let us enjoy Advent this year in a new way. May your Advent be filled with the Holy Spirt and the complete love of Jesus in every way possible.

May God Bless you always,

Deacon Mike


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