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The dreaded five minute presentation...but fun!

Power Point Nights take place on the last Youth Ministry meeting of the month every month. Each month brings a new theme for presentation topics for the youth to get creative with. Youth can create and submit a power point to accompany a 5-7 minute presentation on their topic of choice.


ALL TOPICS AND POWER POINTS MUST BE PRE APPROVED Topics can be approved up to the Friday before Youth Group; presentations can be approved up to noon the Saturday before Youth Group. You do not need to approve a topic to submit a power point BUT it may save you putting together a whole power point that may not be approved.

                     To submit a topic or power point presentation please click the link to email Caroline Massetto and use the subject line "Power Point Night – INSERT LAST NAME"

Not every submitted power point will get to present! You will be notified via email Sunday morning if you will be presenting.

Upcoming themes:


April - The Saints as _____ (the popular phenomenon of synonymous comparison! Pick a genre of people or things to pair up with Saints. Ex: the Saints as Disney characters, the Saints as pop culture references, the Saints as movie franchises, etc.)

Be sure to pre-approve your topic - send an email or comment on the next social media post to get approval

May - Church hymns as highschool tropes (the popular kids, the jock, etc.)

June - Saint Superlatives! ( see the attached list to see what superlatives are a part of the game)

PowerPoint Night

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