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Liturgical  Ministries

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" . . . remember, to sing is to doubly pray. At once in our hearts and our tongues we offer double prayer send heavenward on winged notes to praise God dwelling there.”  - Saint Cecilia

Our Holy Family Music Ministry offers the opportunity to be directly involved in Liturgy through the gift of music. Share your talent as a choir member, cantor, or instrumentalist! For more info, check out our Music Ministry page:

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Homebound Ministry is designed to serve those members of our parish community who, due to physical limitations, are unable to attend church services regularly. Our Homebound Ministers visit and take Holy Communion to parishioners in care centers, nursing homes, private homes, apartments, and other living accommodations within the Holy Trinity parish boundary. Ministers can volunteer to make one visit per week on a day of their choosing. We provide training for volunteers prior to their first homebound visit! 

It is a great privilege to come alongside and encourage our homebound members. Please prayerfully consider taking this opportunity to serve.  


Grieving is the natural response to a loss that each loved one of the deceased has to journey through. At Holy Family, that is never a journey you need to make alone. The Bereavement Ministry lovingly provides support to those experiencing loss and making the difficult steps toward saying goodbye and laying a loved one to rest. With kind words, prayer, and concrete presence if invited, this ministry takes each step with the grieving to be the reminder that we, as members of the universal Church, are never alone. 

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We are all called to be holy as single people, married couples, religious brothers or sisters, or ordained deacons and priests!  Vocation Ministry invites all parishioners to pray for all vocations, but especially for young men and women who are considering religious life. Our work starts with prayer, focuses on educating all parishioners in the blessings and joy of life dedicated to Christ, and encourages and invites young men and women to consider religious life. 

The Funeral Choir (Resurrection Choir) could alwasy use more members. If you have free daytime hours and like to sing this may be a good ministry for you.
There is no formal practice.  Members of the Resurrection Choir are emailed or called when there is a funeral.  Individuals determine which funerals they can attend according to their daily schedules. By participating in the Resurrection Choir, you are preforming a Corporal Work of Mercy by assisting in the sacred act of burying the dead in a respectful way.
If you would like to use your singing talents in this special ministry, contact Bob Mason at or call the Parish Office at (724) 539-9751


Sheet Music

. . . questions? contact Caroline Massetto at

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