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Music Ministry

Since the start of the fall, the choirs have come into full swing and we are excited to be back and making music with you. We have seen a few new members in the adult choir, a new cantor (currently in training), and quite a few students from St. Vincent join our Schola Cantorum. We are very blessed to have folks from our congregation participating in these groups, as they truly enhance our Liturgies and bring so much to our Parish. One group that I would like to highlight in this issue is the Angelic Ringers, our handbell choir! It has come to my understanding that the handbell choir has fallen into disorganization over the past few years. Throughout college, I have played in handbell choirs and have always loved them. If you've never heard a good handbell choir, I recommend going on Youtube and searching for the Sonos Handbell Ensemble. They are world renowned and will really get you excited for handbells. So, if you have ever rung in our handbell choir, if you have ever been interested to ring, or if you have never played an instrument or have been in a musical group please consider joining Angelic Ringers! Rehearsals will be beginning shortly so look out for the start date as we will prepare to play for the upcoming Advent and Christmas seasons. Speaking of Christmas, it’s such a joyous time in the church and demands much use of music. So, all of our ensembles at Holy Family are always looking for new members but especially so during Christmas. Please, consider joining one or approaching me with questions about joining. I have said it before but will say it again, is God calling you to serve your Church?


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Bob Mason

Coordinator of Music

Extension 260

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