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Vision for Holy Family 


  1. A Parish where all God’s people have had a life changing experience of God’s love and affirmation and are committed to living as disciples of Christ.

  2. Where worship is a joy and not a burden- where all people are welcomed warmly and invited to encounter Christ and belong to the community. 

  3. Where all are dedicated to a ministry of service to their fellow Parishioners as well as to the community at large- especially to the sick and the poor. 

  4. Where all ministries and activities of the Parish are integrated and coordinated by the Vision of the Parish. 

  5. Where all sense their value as God’s people by the mutual love and sharing of their lives through a use of their time and talent. 

  6. Where the young are discipled and supported in their desire to follow the Lord and commit their lives to Him. 

  7. Where the Parish is a bright and challenging light on a hill to invite people to come and follow the Lord with us.

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