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Why we should use the Catechism of the Catholic Church

The Catechism of the Catholic Church (CCC) is a teaching tool. It is a concise explanation of Catholic beliefs. The Catechism includes quotations from many papal encyclicals, church council documents, and the Scriptures. It refers to these as reference points for Catholic teachings. The catechism helps to consolidate all of the Church’s teachings into a handy reference. The word catechism has its roots in the Greek word katechizo meaning to teach by word of mouth.

The Catechism of the Catholic Church is intended primarily to explain the teachings of the Catholic faith. It is an excellent reference for the Catholic faithful. It is also a great resource for non-Catholics interested in learning what the Church really teaches. Many misunderstandings about the Church’s teachings on controversial issues can be resolved by looking at what the Catechism says about Catholic beliefs.

The Catechism can also help our spiritual life because it is a clear, systematic, and comprehensive presentation of the essentials of the Christian faith. By meditating on the teachings of the Church, we can grow closer to God the Church proclaims.

So why am I telling you this? Well of course we should learn as much of our faith and this helps tremendously.

But January 1st 2023, Fr. Mike Schmitz will have The Catechism in a year. It will be a daily podcast where the entire Catechism of the Catholic Church is in 365 days. You will understand the essentials of the Catholic Faith and why they matter. You will see how Church teaching is rooted in Sacred Scripture and absorb over 2,000 years of Sacred Tradition. You will Encounter God’s plan of sheer goodness, and transform your relationship with the Church that Christ founded.

If you have ever wanted to understand what it means to be Catholic and allow those truths to shape your life—this podcast is for you! (Quote from Ascension Press).

Maryrose and I can’t wait for it to start and I would suggest giving it a try. Check out Fr. Mike Schmitz on Facebook and it will give you all the links. The podcast is free and I think it may be on YouTube as well. Fr. Mike has the (CCC) to buy or use your own. Hope you give it a try!

God Bless,

Deacon Mike

Note: You can copy and paste this link into your browser to sign-up for the podcast:


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