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There's Still Time

I reflect this week the time I have spent on this earth. I have asked myself are we doing enough for our Lord? Am I doing enough? We spend so much time trying to make a name for ourselves in this world because that is in our nature. We want people to see who we are and what we have done. We feel like we have accomplished something when people say did you see what he or she did? 

Here we are in the 6th week of Easter, yes Easter is still going on! and I still ponder on the death and resurrection of our Lord. If we really think about it in our time period, can we ask ourselves, would you do anything for our Lord? Would you stand up for Him? Would you talk about Him openly? Do you ask yourselves how can I be like Him? Would you die for Him? Does that sound extreme? Maybe, but if there were ever a time that this could happen would you think twice? Something to really ponder.

I have noticed the humblest people do not flaunt their wealth, status, accomplishments or anything else they have. They are people that are not on our radar. They fly under the radar. In fact we even fail to recognize them most of the time. They live their lives doing good, living the life of Christ and His examples. A person with a humble heart never asks for anything for themselves nor do they ever say “hey look at me!” They are always lifting someone else up. 

Our God wants us to live a life that is Christ filled. He wants you to view the world through His eyes. How it should be, how it was intended to be. If each one of us would live a humble life a life of love for our neighbor, family, friends, and strangers then we would see a different world, a world that was intended to be.

I ask all of you as the days, weeks, years go by reflect on how you are with everyone around you. Good, bad, and indifferent they are in Christ’s image. It might not be easy to see Christ in some people but that is what Christ is asking you to do. Bring Christ out in that person. Love that person like Christ loves all of us.

We only live on this earth a short time and when it is all said and done and you are standing before our God and He asks how have you lived your life? Will Christ be able to defend you? Christ stands for us. He loves us. Will you live like Him, for Him?

Have a wonderful weekend, I hope you ponder on this a while.


Deacon Mike


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