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Do We Miss What is Before Us?

How often do we miss out what is before us? We are so busy most of the time we don't take the time just to breathe. We are so anxious to get things done we stick our heads in the sand and forget how beautiful a day can be. A busy lifestyle has become the status symbol or an aspirational symbol for many. But what is so great about being busy? Why in the world would we all choose to be so busy? What’s in it for us? It seems that busyness has become a badge of honor, busyness is to show our importance, value, or self-worth in our fast-paced society.

We want to show that by being busy, we are actually sought after especially in the working world. We want to show that we are doing a lot, and being productive but are we really being productive? I think that is another question that needs to be dug deeper for the answer. I do find that at times, this concept of busy seem to be viewed as equal importance to being competitive. It’s almost as if people are competing to see who’s busier, so they can prove to rank higher in social status.

We need downtime to recharge. I still sometimes forget to give myself the quiet moment because it has become a lifelong habit to fill my time with constant things to do. However, once I start scheduling my alone time and practice using those time to pray, talk to my Lord or simply just relax, it gets easier. I remind myself that it is ok to have time to relax, because when I relax, I am a better at contributing to my life, my wife and family, and those around me. So, it is ok to relax or do absolutely nothing. Yes, absolutely nothing. You’ll be amazed at how many ideas and fresh perspective you can gain from the quiet moments.

Today or when it is sunny, take time to let the sun shine of your face, take a big deep breath and smell the fresh air, walk outside at lunch time alone without your phone. Calm your mind and maybe you will hear that whisper from God. Spend time thanking God for these days that come.

Today walk in the sun with no purpose. Enjoy the day!

God Bless,

Deacon Mike


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