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Season 2

We are in the Holy Year of Saint Joseph, the Patron of the Universal Church! In this episode, Ryan Coyne and St. Vincent's Rory Mitrik talk about Saint Joseph and what he means to us. We encourage you to encounter this saintly father to us all. Below we are including three links, each with a ton of great information on Saint Joseph and how we can devote ourselves to him this year... ok maybe two of them are full of information and one is a link to shop for socks!

Deacon Mike joins the podcast this week to share his favorite Gospel Passage: The Great Commission Mt 28:18​-20.


We hope you will enjoy this podcast focused on making disciples, as well as living as the disciples Christ calls us to be.


God bless!

Join Ryan and a cardboard cut out of Pope Francis as they (?) discuss Ash Wednesday and our Lenten Journey towards Christ. Through practices of prayer, fasting, and almsgiving we are drawn closer to Christ, who renews our heart and sets us on a new path.

Its Catholic Schools Week! In this episode, Vince and Ryan discuss Catholic education: when it began, what it entails, what it seeks to accomplish, and if it ever really ends. We hope this episode will be thought-provoking and lead you to pursue Catholic education for you and your whole family, as we all strive to come to know, love, and serve the Lord. And as always, thank you for joining this week. Please like, comment, and subscribe!

This week begins a two-part special as we say goodbye to Vince, as he heads for Saint Clare of Assisi in Acworth, GA. This week's topic is on biblical exegesis (critical interpretation of the Bible) and the need for a good biblical commentary! Join us as Vince and Ryan discuss why we feel biblical commentaries are important as they help break open scripture revealing its great depth and significance to our lives. We will also discuss some of our favorite commentaries. Thank you for joining this week. Please like, comment, and subscribe!

Mary is the Mother of the Church and our Mother as well. In this episode, we discuss why she is so important to us and why she is worthy of our praise, love, and devotion. While this hardly scratches the surface of who Mary is, we hope you enjoy this conversation and that it might spark or encourage your devotion to Mary, leading you to learn more about our Virgin Mother and praying for her intercession. God bless!

This week on the Holy Family Parish Podcast, Ryan and Vince reflect on the purpose of homilies and how they challenge, instruct, and encourage us. Although we are publishing this a bit later than intended, we had hoped to get it out in Advent so as to encourage us all to listen more clearly to the Lord's word, so that we can appreciate and realize the incredible event which is Christ's birth!

From the Couch to the Kingdom introduces some advice and motivation to get our spiritual lives going so that we can run the race for Christ and live as His Disciples! We hope you will enjoy!


Below you can find our notes, including our favorite study bibles, bible reading guides, instructions on how to get a formed subscription, and notes on Lectio Divina.


Notes from the Show:

Access to Formed Lectio Divina Begininer's Guide

Bible in One Year App

Word on Fire Bible

The Ignatius Catholic Study Bible

Season 2 of the Holy Family Podcast begins with an episode celebrating the exciting new Beatified member of our Church, Carlo Acutis. Carlo was a young man born in England and raised in Italy, who died at the young age of 15. Although he died at a young age, he lived a life of heroic virtue remaining close to the Lord and Virgin Mother, caring for those close to him, and creating a website documenting the Eucharistic Miracles. We hope you enjoy our episode!


Carlo's website can be found at:

Holy Family's Parish Website Can be found at:

Catholic Pilgrimages in the US (website we reference):

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