Close As Your Every Breath

(AGES 21-35)

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Air, the element we cannot see yet know it to be there. It is in each breath, our life is proof it exists. So too do we sense the Spirit of God in our souls. We sense His Spirit through the life and movement of our souls. 

Fire isn’t coy about its existence. In the darkness, how can we miss it’s burning? Scripture is rich with the symbolic and literal illumination of fire and light as a window through which to glimpse the divine. 

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Water refreshes and renews. It existed even before the emergence of light and creation. It makes us contemplate the desert of our own profound longing for the living water which will allow us to thirst no more.

Soil and rock, simple enough, yet marvelously complex in its interaction with the elements around it. How glorious a God indeed, who designed each complexly simple aspect of the Earth - each thing with its 
proper place and purpose to the life sustained on it. 

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124 Main St, Ohiopyle, PA 15470

August 11th, 2022


The day's activities will kick off between

11am-12pm with food and fellowship picnic style before taking off on a hike with periodic stops along the way. As we hike, we will be in continual prayer, in search of spiritual renewal, and considering our gifts and graces which we fail to notice in the speed of everyday life. This is an opportunity to slow down with us, look around, and renew your awareness of God and his work in all our lives. For those unable to make the daytime part of the retreat, the second part of the event will begin at 6pm with food and fellowship around a campfire. 

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